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The Ultimate Cosplay Hero


Hmm, maybe I should load up all the ‘tactical pockets’ on my Shadowrun costume with costume repair supplies. I mean it is all mostly empty space and it could help out a cosplayer in need.

Character Sheet - Quicksilver, the Decker

Template used:——

Ours are the Furies

Role: For example, general role, or story-specific role. The former, things such as ‘main character’, ‘main character’s best friend’, ‘bad guy’, ‘mentor to protagonist’, etc. might be used. The latter, things such as ‘detective’, ‘older wizard’, ‘disgruntled ex-boyfriend’, ‘lieutenant’, etc. may be used.

An antihero side character that wants to be something more.

Full Name: The character’s full, complete, and legal name.

Jodie Qik

Name at birth: Same thing, but only if it was different when the character was born, i.e. if s/he changed name because of marriage, adoption, religious conversion, or other reason.

Her name at birth was Jodie to begin with.

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Any aliases or nicknames that the character is addressed by, referred to as, or uses for whatever purpose on any regular basis.

Goes by her handle “Quicksilver” on the local datanet.

Title(s): Any title, such as “Dr.”, or “Master”, or “Special Agent”, or “Venerable” may here be reference and noted.

No formal titles to speak of, though she likes to be referred to as a “Masta Decka.”

Preferred name: What name the character prefers to be addressed by. For example, foreign exchange student Yeonggwang goes by ‘Paul’, or Nicholas goes by ‘Nicky’. It may also be that someone is referred to primarily by their surname, or by their complete, unabbreviated forename.

Prefers these days to be called by her hacker handle, “Quicksilver,” though she allows people who know her personally to use her real first name.

Age/Date of Birth: Both the character’s age at the start of the story, or ‘canon’, as well as the complete date of birth with the appropriate calendar. In a realistic story, this would be using the Gregorian calendar (unless your character’s religion or culture dictate use of the lunar calendar). In a non-realistic story, the calendar will depend on your universe.

Going on twenty two, though she lost track during the many months she had been on the constant run. Born sometime in AC 187

Sex: Male or female.


Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: How does the character identify his or her gender? What is his or her sexual orientation? This may be ‘heterosexual’, ‘homosexual’, ‘transgender’, or whatever pleases the character in question.

Though she would normally be classified as “bisexual,” Jodie evades the question, refusing to set any artificial boundaries for herself. “I like ta keep my options open, y’know?” she says, her eyes shifty and her lips curved into a knowing grin, “What’s a bit between yer legs between friends?”

Race/Ethnicity: What is the character’s race? This may be ‘White/Caucasian’ or ‘Black/African-American’ for example. It may also include nationality, or ethnic group. Hispanic or Latino status should be denoted here. If the character exists in a fantasy world and is not human, the appropriate race and/or sub-race should be listed.

Jodie’s race is open to debate, although from her style of dress, her strong accent, and disdain for most cultures normal to Protectorate space, it can be inferred that she hails from the U.C.S. Whether she hails from Greater or Lesser UCS is unknown at this time.

Skin Tone: What is the character’s skin tone? This may be ‘dark brown’, ‘light brown’, ‘olive’, ‘pale’, ‘albino’, or perhaps even some fantastical hue for a non-realistic character.

Her skin tone tends to change as often as her hairstyle and coloring, though it is typically thought to be somewhere between alabaster and moon pale. Gossip says that she might only look that way because of how often she spends stuck in the shadows, but on at least one occasion she has attempted a dark brown , with varying results.

Height: The character’s height, in the most accepted unit. This may be realistic, inches or centimeters, or may be specific to the universe or culture.

Five feet Nine inches.

Weight: The character’s weight, in the most accepted unit. This may be realistic, inches or centimeters, or may be specific to the universe or culture.

110 pounds.

Build: What is the character’s build? Slender, athletic, frail, sturdy, stocky, muscular, or plump may be some of the adjectives that come to mind.

Slender with a side order of malnourished- self inflicted, unfortunately (such is the life of a netizen).

Eyes: What is the character’s eye color? Be specific without using purple prose. For instance, ‘light brown’, or ‘hazel’, or ‘black’, or ‘pale blue’ would be acceptable. If the character wears contacts that change the natural eye color, both colors should be noted and explained.

Depends entirely on the contacts she is using that day, though typically blue. She thought about having an eye swap procedure so she could further customize her already cybernetic body, but held off- eyeballs are difficult to replace if the chop shop screws her over.

Hair: What is the character’s hair color? Be specific without using purple prose. Also describe the texture, thickness, length, style, and any other significant attributes, such as whether it is oily or particularly shiny. If it is dyed, has highlights, or otherwise has unnatural alterations, those should be noted and explained.

Pipe dreads, at least half an inch thick- in her younger years these consisted of two or three alternating colors, usually light blue, pink, and green, but nowadays it seems like every dread lock is colored something different. How someone who is notoriously lazy accomplishes this is beyond answer.

Clothes Style: What style of clothes does the character wear? With very few exceptions (such as a story that takes place over one day, or in a prison or boarding school where students wear uniforms), your character will not be wearing the same outfit throughout the story. Does your character follow fashion trends? What materials, colors, and type of clothes does the character wear? Where does he or she obtain the clothes? Are they ethnic or traditional clothes? Is the character promiscuous or modest?

Jodie changes her clothes to match her surroundings, and keeps a small selection in her go bag at all times, “acquiring” more if necessary. She blends in with the crowd on Colony Zulu by either wearing fishnets, a short skirt, and a punk shirt when she’s expecting company, or switching to a black leather trench coat she nicked from some sunglass-wearing (in overcast?) badass wannabe pretty boy. As in many things, she’s usually very lazy about her clothing, and is not above strutting around in panties a bra if she thinks she can get away with it. And very often, she does.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Describe the location, size, and appearance of any tattoos, piercings, marks (such as moles or birthmarks), scars, or other notable or significant physical traits not already discussed.

She has scars large enough to distort the color of her hands into patches of bone white and something approaching tan, which line up like spider webs to her elbows- the results of past experimentation with (and failure to integrate) cyberware in her arms while keeping the flesh. She has a couple large cuts on her face, mementos from her earlier, mischievous years where she bit off more than she could chew (both figuratively and literally) and her back is covered in whip marks from another, similar episode. With all the body mods she deals in on a standard yearly basis, you’d think she would get some of these removed, especially the ones indicating lethal-scale trauma.

Nah, it’s all good,” she said, tracing an outline of a particularly long scar from someone with a thigh fetish, “I like ta think of it the same way I think of my tats- memory of a time and a place, that I ain’t gonna get back again. Not that I’d like to get ‘em all back, you understand.”

She has a number of tattoos, consisting of logos of well known and lesser known corporations in the sector, along with others you do not recognize. You even spy the symbol for a member of the (now defunct) O.N.I. Program. They encircle her left arm up to her wrist like long cuffs, and she admires them like one would an expensive watch.

All my hits. Git one for each job that don’t go south,” she says, massaging the symbol that you recognize as the logo for Dark Tower Security, “Awww yeah, that’s the stuff. Some girls want rings. Give me a tat for breaking into HelSec, and ya got me for… eh I dunno, a month.”

Appearance: Describe the character’s appearance without reiterating anything already said. Anything that has not been said in this category that should be noted will be described and explained here. A note – this is physical appearance only. Equipment and such will follow later.

The first thing most people notice about Jodie (aside from what outfit she crawled out of bed with that day, and her hair) are thick wires sticking out of her wrists and tracing up her arms. While her shoulders are slender and still consist of flesh, there are tell tale surgical scars along the inside of thems which suggest artificial enhancement.

When pressed, Jodie will move her dreads back behind her neck, revealing a large, three inch in diameter metal port.

It’s called a Datajack, luddy. I use it to jack into any unsecured networks I can find, and lord knows, they’re everywhere. Not that it would make much of a difference if it was secured, o’course…”

Tracing down her back, you notice that her spine, which is jutting out slightly, has an eery metallic color.

Religion: Does the character have a religious affiliation or sense of spirituality? Has the character ever converted to or from a religious affiliation or sense of spirituality? Describe in detail the character’s religious or spiritual beliefs or experiences.

All Hail the Singluarissiah!” Jodie says, her arms raised in mock fervor, “They is risen, that metal god of flesh and unflesh, that speaks for future ‘n past ‘n present ‘n is forever secretly screwing with the evolution of humanity when we ain’t… Ok but seriously, the most spiritual I ever were, was when I tried mind-binding for the first time*, and the other, during a threesome.

Needless ta say, I got really fraggin’ tired of half dead drek-heads probin’ me head, and the other, well… uh… it got a little awkward. Yes, me feeling awkward. Spread it around and i’ll nuke yer deck.”

Political Affiliation: What sort of politics does the character have? Has the character ever changed parties, affiliations, beliefs, or public platforms? Describe in detail the character’s political platform and activities.

Me political platform consists of the republic of ME! Wherein I make all the decisions about what I do about meself. Others… Don’t care too much so long as the money’s good, and the lulz is better. I treat it the way those on trideo treat AstroRugby… it’s all a game in the end, ‘cept I get to play referee, and one day I might be screwin’ some chummer and the next day I’ll be shooting his wife in the head. Yes, horrible I know. Yes, I’m a terrible person who needs to frak off.

But you would rather have someone, eh, impartial sifting ‘round yer datacaches for where yer getting that fat paycheck, or someone else who might stumble upon images of yer other fat paycheck, and, worse, have a grudge?

Can ye say scandal?

Me, though, none of my business. I’m an open book! As open as the holy book of Solar** itself.”

Education: How educated is the character? Is he or she literate? Does he or she have a secondary school diploma (or equivalent)? What about higher education? Is he or she still in school? Describe in detail the sort of education the character has, noting and explaining any degrees or academic honors or awards.

Jodie is a self taught hacker and programmer (also known as a “decker” by other circles), but has always shunned formal education as useless and money grubbing- she successfully used a portion of her parent’s savings and other cash that she had stolen from a banker to afford tuition at Lugh’s Academy, but was eventually expelled for a combination of vagrancy, academic failure (due to lack of homework- there’s only so much hacking the system can do) and, supposedly, prostitution…

An’ that’s a huge load of drek. Dere just pissed because I left them a little present to wish them by on all of their networks. It’d take weeks for the best decker below me to get rid of it.”

Languages spoken: What languages does the character speak, including his or her native language(s)? Specifically, what dialect of each language does he or she speak? When, how, and why did the character learn any secondary languages?

Jodie is only fluent in Basic, although she could install an additional language pack if she so desired.

Weapons (if any): Does the character have any weapons or other sorts of equipment? What are they, how did he or she obtain them, and why does he or she keep them? Has the character ever lost or had confiscated any weapons or equipment? What were they, and why did this happen?

Jodie always carries two S&W Lightfires on thigh holsters, one filled with an extended clip of caseless standard rounds, and the other with explosives. The guns are smart-linked, having been specially modified with small ports that she can attach her wrist-wires to, giving her a “HUD” of sorts that displays ammo count and aids in fire control.

While not true weapons, the wrist-wires allow her to also jack into other similarly designed weapons and to hack old fashioned security doors, which often have exposed panels. On more than one occasion, she has subverted vehicular navigation systems and even a robosentry, though these were at least partially out of desperation because of the alien architecture they often involve.

I told ya already, didn’t I? I’m always open to new things.”

Occupation(s): What is the character’s occupation? Does he or she have multiple concurrent occupations or jobs? When did he or she start? How high up on the ladder is the character?

Her current occupation is a freelance “Hack-fer-Hire,” often being paid to break into secure systems like private security details, VIP manifest records, automated credit machines, SpaceBook accounts, encrypted banks, and personal computers. It’s her dream job, and once she went freelance she never left it.

Past Occupation(s): What past occupation(s) has the character had? Did he or she have multiple concurrent occupations or jobs? How long did each last, and when was the character employed? By whom? And how far did the character advance? Most importantly, why is the character no longer employed in these former positions.

Pretty much unemployed, until she started her less than legal freelance business.

Special Abilities/Skills: Does the character have any other special abilities or skills, whether highly desirable or not? Talents, learned skills, and such may all be listed here.

If life were a gigantic video game, Jodie placed the majority of her points into computer programming, sneaking, sleight of hand, firearms use, charisma, BS, in that order. Her entire life revolves around the pursuit of her own, occasionally warped, sense of happiness, and to that end she is an excellent hacker, can fit into small spaces despite her height, has next to no qualms regarding stealing from people, has some skill with a gun, and can worm her way into most people she cannot otherwise rip off.

Activities/Organizations: What sorts of activities does the character engage in? What organizations is he or she actively supporting or participating in, and what organizations is the character loosely affiliated with? What sorts of activities and affiliations has the character had in the past and why are they no longer current?


Jodie’s pastimes include lurking on public datanets for watching drama, testing her skills against security firms to stretch herself, sleeping, programming video games, stealing from obnoxiously rich people, and sex.

Go on-”

There have been several attempts to get her to join and stay with various organizations in crime and government alike, but so far, none have succeeded. Attempts at bribery were fruitless- force was met explosives in unpleasant places, or unlucky deckers having their avatars forcibly severed from their jacks, inflicting “mind burns” that could last for months without treatment.

Sometimes I wonder if any of these turd eating drekshits unnerstand the words coming outta my mouth,” Jodie said, revealing a very long list of organizations she now has a Black Book entry for, “When I say I’m out fer meself, I am out for meself. Just credit my damn stick and leave me the hell alone, or I’ll let the other party know who broke ‘em… and it warn’t me.”

Hobbies: What sorts of hobbies does the character engage in? Anything such as knitting, collecting money, or listening to music may be listed here.

I hack, therefore, I am,” Jodie says, playing a game system she had hobbled together from some spare parts, a stolen crystal screen monitor, a game disc called “ShadowFun” she had nicked out of a convenience store, and a primitive controller with only four buttons.

Though I guess it does get kinda dry, doing the same drek over and over, like breaking into the same bank over and over,” she continued, putting the controller down and cracking her knuckles. “I mean, some o’ these corps, ya’d think it doesn’t matter ta them to lose a few thousand credits… and mebbe it don’t.”

She also notes that when she does leave her temporary warren, it’s often to join like minded individuals in the real world- such outings, often with groups that are colloquially known as “Decker-Gangs,” sometimes consist of barhopping and club running- though these events are normally underground. Though such events are not looked down upon, especially now in post-Civil War space, they were heavily repressed and sometimes outlawed altogether in the UCS.

Don’t matter who ye claim to be representin’, its almost always the same drek- ‘Here, come with us, we’ll give you clothes and food and freedom.’ ‘No thanks we got plenty.’ ‘No you don’t, you’re uncivilized and rude and disorderly and likely to die horribly from an imaginary sickness,’ and on and on… but I digress. I think yer forgetting something, narrator person.”

She also enjoys recreational activities that involve the use of the entire body, and is often enhanced thanks to her many cybernetic modifications-

That’s right…”


Oh fer crying out loud- get over here you thinly wrapped back of bag of sexual repression! I don’t care what gender you are!”

Interests: Any other interests that the character has or has had, such as philosophy, economics, or weaponry.

How does this thing- oh. Anyway, I just wanted to say that about the only thing I don’t take much stock in are eX and Wyre, one being chemical and the other being cyberchemical, if you get what I mean. I mean, I’m up fer just about anything- short of something that’s gonna nuke my deck and mah brain. Can’t exactly hack if I’m dead, eh?”***

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: What are the character’s most significant problems or flaws? Does he or she have any addictions or bad habits? What about criminal history? Does the character have any disabilities or psychological disorders? If so, what are they, when and how did they onset, and when were they diagnosed? To what degree is the character affected, and what is being done about it? Most importantly, what is the character’s attitude toward his or her flaws or disabilities?

Oh, here we go…”

Jodie immediately comes across as an extremely narcissistic, selfish, greedy, sex obsessed kleptomaniac whose only purpose in life is to ruin people’s lives. She doesn’t argue with most of these points, agreeing that her behavior, in many respects, matches what most people would consider horribly unattractive reasons to befriend her, much less court her.

And ya know what? I’m not goin- frag it, I thought I just made things nice and simple like, okay? I tell em, I tell chummers, just pay me the money, I’ll do yer job, and then I’m out. That’s how I always run it. But then they put words in my mouth, clever like. Suddenly I’m workin’ fer yer rebellion, or I’m aiding the state, or i’m a criminal causin’ yer piss poor firm to lose barely a drop of yer net worth.

Well, yer right. I am a criminal. I don’t give two frags ‘bout that, and I don’ worry none about it either. Lemme ask you something, yes you, watchin’ this trid vid through that comfy spot ye got on Main and Walker Ave. Behind yer silver screen and silky window curtains, thinkin’ yer the all safe in yer little nesty hole made off the backs of chums as badly off as me. Why are you so interested in this little profile, eh? Any normal chummer would have tuned the channel by now- an’ the only reason i’m even allowing this mockumentary is because I know that y’all know you can’t find me, and besides, no publicity is bad publicity. I know the real reason yer so interested, and, ye can stop right there- I don’t sleep with just any man or woman or critter and its kinda hilarious that y’all are playin’ that up like its something taboo… when the population of this damn rock keeps exploding.

Yer interested because you want my help, don’t you? Someone with no allegiance, absolutely no fucks to give? Yer interested in someone who you don’t need to worry about tattling on someone else, whether it be yer wife, yer boss, yer boss’s wife, or the Dorian President. You know I can do the job- and all this other bullshit mixing in here? That’s all fer yer benefit as well. That’s so you can keep thinking yer a better person than you really know, that’s so you can convince yerself that, if you just hire an outsider… riff raff like us, chums like me and Johnny and that poor sap that just lost his arm in a garbage smasher, that you’ll stay clean.

Well let me learn you something, chummer. Yer not better than us. In fact, yer worse. I regretted very little in my short span of life, and I hardly regret enjoying what I enjoy, doing what I do. If I did disagree with something, you’d not get a reply or a second job.

But what are you hiding?”

Citizenship: In what nation or nations does the character have citizenship rights?

//sys ERROR, default node not recogniz-

» Implying I have any official citizenship anywhere.

Place of Birth: Where, city and province or state, was the character born?

//run restore.exe

//cancel SUI.mod

//warning unknown entry vector; attempting disconnect

» That’s none of your damn business.

Now lives: Where does the character now live?

» Nor that.

Lives with: With whom does the character live? This may be spouse, cohabitant, child(ren), roommate(s), pet(s), parent(s), sibling(s), etc.

» Ditto.

Current Relationship Status: Is the character currently in a romantic relationship? With whom? When did it start? Is the relationship healthy or unhealthy?

» What is this, a tabloid? I hope you assholes have a decent decker, because I am going to rip him or her a new I/O Port.

Relationship History: What sorts of romantic relationships has the character had in the past? With whom? When did they start, how long did they last, and why and how did they end? Were they healthy or unhealthy?

» No u.

Family: Who is in the character’s family? Immediate? Siblings? Children? With whom is the character in contact? How are the relationships? Healthy or unhealthy? Why? Also, describe both the current family relationships and childhood relationships with family.

» If you must know, I broke with the fam awhile back. They’re in a better place now.

Other Biographical Remarks: Write the rest of the character’s biographical information. Anything that was missed, or not expounded on already.

» If I must be called anything, you can call me Quicksilver, or Qiksilver, or just Qik.

» “Jodie,” as you know her, is an illusion. Just a carbon bag of atoms living in endless pain.

» There is no “real” me, and frankly I find it really stupid that you lot treat what I do to survive comfortably in this life as anything more than just that-

» What I have to do.

» I don’t mind being called a criminal, because yer only a criminal in reference to the place where you happen to be.

» I’ve been told before that I’m some kind of savior or hero or something. Honest, it feels more uncomfortable than being called a criminal.

» I just want to do what I want with my life, is all. And most of the time, that don’t sit well with you rich folks.

» And sometimes I really got to ask, “Why?”

» I mean, sure, if I rip a corp off, let ‘em be mad and angry and come for my blood. But why you?

» You think you’re losing something by letting me loose?

» I’m not the one imposing those fines and taxes and “moral norms” on you and whatnot.

» Just something to think about. Cya in the Matrix.

//root access granted

//attempting node sniff

//user not found

//warning, trace file on subj jodieqik.fpa does not exist

//accessing banking statements…

// Welcome back J.Roger, your last visit was today at 0647, your last action was the withdrawal of 1039483 links to «UNKNOWN ACCOUNT», and was confirmed at 0712. Thank you for your business.


*The process of linking several cyberconnected brains together to form a commune. Unlike primitive variations common during the age of the Great Purge, such a process today rarely eliminates individual thought.

**The Holy Book of Solar is a collection of thousands of ancient documents, printed on paper created from species of thought extinct plants, that loosely make up the Solar religion. They purport to speak of an ancient “Homeworld,” that supposedly held the original inhabitants of our species, wherein the planet “overflowed with an abundance of milk and honey,” and “was subdivided into over 200 miniature colonies, each of which were distinct and existed peacefully with one another.” Given the state of intersystem relations as far back as the Purge, the book has been openly and repeatedly criticized as fraud, though its followers have swelled substantially during the Civil War.

Also, the languages and text are nearly indecipherable to anyone without a degree in pre-colonial anthropology.

***Short form for a hallucinogenic drug called eXTerm, which has initial effects similar to Ecstasy from the twentieth century, but is known for quickly devolving and switching from a beautiful sense of bliss to a horrible nightmarish painful experience that has been described in comparison to a fever meeting electrocution. This is normal, as the drug was originally developed for chemical warfare and mass population control- after its discontinuation, illegal manufacturers tried to separate the the good feelings from the bad feelings, with limited success.

Wyre is a shot which was originally developed to greatly enhance the tactile senses of the body, creating ridiculously exaggerated sensations similar to that of, once again, Ecstasy. Unfortunately, most variations of this shot also greatly increased pain sensations as well, leading to its use not as a recreational drug, but as a torture weapon. Suddenly, paper cuts felt like bone fractures and bone fractures could cause immediate unconsciousness. Needless to say, do the benefits outweigh the risks?

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